Platinum was created to feed my creative hunger. When I left the art show circuit to focus on Matilda Jane Trunk Shows my design calendar changed quite a bit. I was now designing 2x a year and the remainder of the year following through with production. This was a big change for a girl who was used to creating new pieces almost everyday. I missed that creative rush a bit. I wanted to feel it everyday.

And I solved that problem right here in good ole' Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is here we design and manufacture this ever changing line called Matilda Jane Platinum. And I am loving it. Matilda Jane Platinum pieces are produced in a very small quantity, in many cases less than 20.
For that reason, these items will sell out quite quickly.

Q: Do you put up Matilda Jane Platinum pieces on certain days? A: We are all about surprises. Items are put on the site randomly.
Q: Why do items sell out so fast? A: Platinum items are created in small numbers. Each item is its own little work of art

Q: Why don't you make higher quantities so they do not sell out? A: The purpose of the Platinum line is to keep the creative juices flowing not to cut one dress 100x.

Q: It doesn't make sense. Don't you know if you made more pieces you would make more money? A: This line is not about money for me. It is about keeping the love and creativity in my job in the months I am not designing for the Matilda Jane Trunk Show Program.

Q: Are all Platinum pieces made in the USA? A: A majority are, however we will sometimes use extra fabric we have left from overseas production to make a few pieces. I hate to waste fabric!

Q: Did you design all these fabrics? A: Absolutely not!!!! Oh, I wish I were that talented. I do design the line of fabric that we use in our Matilda Jane Trunk Show designs. You will sometimes see these fabrics used on Platinum as well.